SupatraLand is located at 70 Moo 10, Nong Rak, Ban Khai district, Rayong province on Highway 3143. It was founded in 1972 by the owners Mr. Suwat and Supattra Fahrengchai. The original land covered an area of approximately 150 rai. It was founded with the purpose of researching and studying agriculture, creating a beautiful place of tranquility and recreation for people to relax in natural surroundings.


 In the beginning, most of the products grown were sold in the neighbouring markets, with part of the land being entrusted to an institute for commerce. Some years later a nearby owner offered his land to Mr. Suwat, providing SupatraLand with the opportunity to grow other fruits. In the early stages, durian, mangosteen and rambutan were grown but did not cover all areas. In 1995 some land was offered to Government agencies, and the majority of the land was transformed into rubber plantations. Later that year rubber prices slumped, and coupled with the huge labour shortage in rubber trees, farmers became interested in studying agriculture. Lecturers and personnel were employed to share their knowledge of agriculture.


 SupatraLand was officially opened to tourists in 1997 using a tractor trailer together with a tram. In the early stages they were only open during the fruit season (May - June). Afterwards, improvements were made to expand the area of cultivation. Along with the original fruit of durian, mangosteen and rambutan, more fruits were grown such as grape, jackfruit, longan, longkong, sala, starfruit, dragon fruit, rose apple, etc. 

SupatraLand currently has a collection of 25 tropical fruit trees over approximately 800 rai of land, producing fruit throughout the year. Their key principle of tourism is for people to be able to learn, watch, taste and enjoy quality fruits all year round in natural surroundings.


Tourists are able to ride the train under a shady atmosphere, immersing themselves within the natural surroundings of the landscape. Each train has a speaker, who will be able to share their expert knowledge whilst on the tour.


 Most of the seasonal fruits are produced between April and June. SupatraLand has won many awards, such as the ‘Kinnaree Award’, which indicates that SupatraLand is a quality tourist destination attracting tourists from around the world.